Best Automation Software Testing Tools

The success of any mobile or web application depends on how it is being tested. Automation testing is one of the most used and effective techniques of testing softwares. It is a way to test applications by carrying out the execution of various test scenarios automatically and generating test results without any intervention from humans.

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10 Best Java Testing Framework of 2022

Releasing software without testing is a recipe for disaster. However, if you think that testing is a cumbersome process there are tools out there for aid. When it comes to Java applications, Java testing frameworks can help you to test your JAVA/J2EE applications with ease. If you ask us, relying on such tools is better

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reduce qa cost

How to Reduce QA Cost

Businesses are focussing on Quality Assurance to reduce costs associated with the product. Earlier the bugs are found in the system, and the lesser is the cost associated with them. The quality of a product is non-negotiable, and it is noticed that minor bugs have historically added hefty costs to businesses. While maintaining quality for

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An easy to understand guide to mobile app automation testing for entrepreneurs and beginners.

The Complete Guide to Mobile Automation Testing

It is reasonable to test an application carefully before deploying it on the play store or app store. Software testing can give developers a good idea about an application’s performance and bugs issues. But testing can be expensive and time-consuming; Especially when done completely manually. To reduce manual errors, test duration, and mobile app testing

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Mobile Application Testing Native and Hybrid

Appium Tutorial for Mobile Apps Testing

Nowadays there are mobile applications that support both native and webview. You might know them as hybrid mobile applications. Their popularity makes both native and hybrid apps testing very important. So the chances of bug leakage are reduced to the minimum. Appium is a popular automation testing tool used for Native and hybrid apps testing.

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Why You Need Automation Testing For Mobile Apps

Plenty of reasons why one should switch to automation testing rather than just stick to manual testing.  Each tester team needs to test their software before delivering it to the respective client, but anyhow they have some defects, error, and bug which eventually leads the development team into trouble. Lead them to re-test the whole

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