Why You Need Automation Testing For Mobile Apps

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Why You Need Automation Testing For Mobile Apps

Plenty of reasons why one should switch to automation testing rather than just stick to manual testing.  Each tester team needs to test their software before delivering it to the respective client, but anyhow they have some defects, error, and bug which eventually leads the development team into trouble. Lead them to re-test the whole project again by adding some other test cases and scenarios, even though they have already done it. 

Eventually over and over again repeating the same testing not only consumes time and costs money but also makes it inefficient. Apart from it, sometimes tester can’t even catch the bug when investing lots of time and money in manual testing by applying various test cases and scenarios in such devastating circumstances automation testing come into the picture.

Automation testing not only saves plenty of time and cost, but it gives you a perfect vision of where bugs and errors lie in the project, so the developer team can quickly fix it, based on that they can provide an accurate timeline of the project delivery without any defects. 

Automation testing can be done on various software testing tools. A lot of software tools are available on the internet depending on the requirement, some are free to use while others are paid either you can choose to use the services of some great software testing company like Testscenario

Advantages of Mobile Automation Testing Tools

Most IT companies turn their heads to automation testing tools due to the below advantages of it. Increase the quality of testing

  • where frequent regression work happens
  • Increase the quality of testing
  • Decrease the cost of manual testing, where tests can be done unattended
  • When your GUI is fixed, though there are functional changes.
  • In the load time, users can be created multiple virtual users to know how the app or software works.
  • Increase efficiency
  • the Same script can be used multiple times, parallelly with virtual multiple devices. Beneficial in load, performance and stress testing.
  • When you don’t need to leave any human error

Numerous tools are available in the market, and the best way to test your software depend on the requirement you have.

  • Calabash
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Robotium
  • UI Automator
  • Selendroid
  • MonkeyTalk
  • Testdroid
  • SeeTest
  • qtest
  • Katalon Studio

Why one should choose Calabash for Native Apps?

You can test your native app with the help of Calabash automated testing software which supports open-source languages like Ruby, Java and also efficiently works with the .Net framework. 

Calabash is free of cost not only this, it’s supported by Xamarin which is loaded with 1000+ devices to test your native mobile application.

Calabash is an open-source automation testing tool that works for both Android & IOS apps.

Calabash allows you to write and execute automated acceptance tests, which can be done successfully with the APIs to enable native apps leads to run on touch screen devices.

Calabash use two different libraries that allow to interaction with respective native apps (Android & IOS) by using test code 

Calabash uses a cucumber framework which is an astonishing feature, lets you allow to write code in normal English. People who are unfamiliar with programming test scripts can easily work with such a kind of automated testing tool.

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