Emulator vs. Simulator

Simulation and emulation are used interchangeably. However, there is some major difference between emulators vs. simulators. Both these mobile testing techniques which used to mimic the real thing in a virtual environment. Although, the differences between emulation vs. simulation are quite big for mobile automation. Before knowing the differences between the two, let’s learn the

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Mobile App Testing Checklist

If you are wondering about the necessity of a mobile app testing checklist, you should have a look at the stats listed below. When it comes to digital media usage, apps hold a staggering monopoly. 70% of smartphone owners use apps to access digital media. By 2026 there will be 7.5 billion smartphone users 96%

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Types of Mobile Application Testing

Since its inception, the mobile phone has evolved substantially from hardware and software perspectives. Nevertheless, most of the hardware changes were a result of mobile applications. They have taken smartphones beyond their value as communicating devices. Currently, there are close to five million mobile apps, and the number is increasing with every passing day. Therefore,

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Test Mobile apps on Windows

How to Test Mobile Apps on Desktop

It is easy to test mobile applications on real devices. But it requires huge infrastructure which is difficult to maintain in the starting phase of SDLC. In the starting phase of SDLC, testing the app regressively is important. But without infrastructure, is it possible? Yes, it is! Mobile apps can be tested on desktops with

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Mobile Application Testing Native and Hybrid

Appium Tutorial for Mobile Apps Testing

Nowadays there are mobile applications that support both native and webview. You might know them as hybrid mobile applications. Their popularity makes both native and hybrid apps testing very important. So the chances of bug leakage are reduced to the minimum. Appium is a popular automation testing tool used for Native and hybrid apps testing.

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Learn what are the Mobile app testing challenges faced by mobile app testers

11 Top Mobile App Testing Challenges

Mobiles have indeed become the lifelines of the current generation. According to Statista 6.3 billion people globally use mobile phones.” With such a large segment of people leveraging the capabilities of mobile phones for day-to-day needs, it has become a necessity for businesses to offer their services and make them compatible with mobile phones. Launching

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Why You Need Automation Testing For Mobile Apps

Plenty of reasons why one should switch to automation testing rather than just stick to manual testing.  Each tester team needs to test their software before delivering it to the respective client, but anyhow they have some defects, error, and bug which eventually leads the development team into trouble. Lead them to re-test the whole

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Tips for Effective Mobile App Testing

The market for mobile apps is incredibly competitive in this era of mobility. Anywhere you go these days, you see people in the same posture: head bowed, barely perceptible movement, eyes focused downward. They’re all doing the same thing, peering intently at a mobile application made possible by mobile developers. It needs to be a

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