Manual Testing

Strategically defined manual testing services to minimize bugs, errors, and defects in the development flow, UI, or final product.

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Manual Testing

Manual testing is a sort of software testing in which test cases and scenarios are executed manually, without automated tools or scripts. During manual testing, testers typically examine the program or application being evaluated, look for defects, and report issues to the development team for resolution.

Businesses can achieve a competitive edge by delivering excellence with their services or products. Our manual testing services are here to help you pitch the correct development process, design, or end product before its launch.

Our manual testers compare the development expectations with the actual products or UI to determine the defects/bugs.

Our Process

Testing Plan

Here we plan & write a strategy with testing document creation. All the efforts are estimated here, including the team size and the number of hours.

Testing Setup

Our team configures both hardware and software for validating a test case writing. That is the stage where the test data preparation takes place.

Monitor & Execute

This stage includes monitoring the test cases, running the tests, capturing the bugs, documenting the bug reasons, and prioritizing the bug findings.

Check & Closure

After finding the bugs, it’s time for our core testers to verify and submit the reports with issue recommendations, solutions, and closure.

What We Do Best

As a top leading manual testing company, we offer various types of manual testing services with defined objectives and solutions. That offer bug-free software quickly.

Smoke Testing

With complete smoke testing, we ensure product or app stability. Right after the build and before the launch, we verify the application or project build with smoke testing services.

Sanity Testing

To apply regression testing or quick testing for checking and evaluating any claim made or code changes, we help with sanity testing services. It's recommended for new modules.

Unit Testing

We can test individual units or components of software precisely. We can offer faster feedback and easier refactoring that can detect defects quickly and improve software quality.

System Testing

We assess end-to-end system specifications. We identify bugs by performing functional, usability, and software-hardware-like tests on a complete configuration of the system.

Integration Testing

We assure module compatibility with the overall solution to ensure smooth & uninterrupted work of the system. We detect system faults & prevent business risks from module malfunction.

Acceptance Testing

We assure you a user-friendly product/app with acceptance Testing. We cover functional, data integrity, data conversion, usability, performance, timeliness, and scalability-like criteria.

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Benefits of Manual Testing
With Testscenario

Faster time to market

Bugs can delay your product launch. We take care of the bugs and help to launch the product at the right time.

Customized testing

We carefully assess your project in order to build a testing strategy that best meets your business's distinct needs.

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Quick Begin

We make every effort to thoroughly understand the project requirements to develop test cases & test scenarios quickly.

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Real-World User Coverage

Our manual QA testers imitate the actions & behavior of real-world users to identify any issues they could encounter.


  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Mantis
  • Wrike
  • Basecamp
  • Bugzilla
  • ClickUp
  • TestLodge
  • Zephyr
  • TestLink
  • Testrail
  • Postman
  • SoapUI
  • Rest Assured

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