Does Your Startup Need Software Testing?

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Does Your Startup Need Software Testing?

Being a startup, you need to travel a lot before reaching the endpoint or a point where you would actually feel content with your business. However, not all startups reach the desired place and stumble down long before. Have you ever wondered why? 

According to research, sloppiness is one of the reasons that cause startups to fail. Now, this might sound a bit strange but the fact is – this is true. Poor software quality often pushes startups towards failure, followed by a complete shutdown of their business.

Whether you build a product, service, or app, it is highly important to assure quality before pitching it to the end-users. An exceptional idea can fail if not implemented qualitatively. 

While this might still seem vague given that you have a team of skilled developer’s who own the knack to create authentic products. I mean why would you need to have an additional Q/A testing team to look after the final product? 

Why Software Testing?

Software giants are versed in the need for software testing and some even hire a separate department to take care of it. However, startups or the new in industry are budget-restricted and considering the importance of all other aspects in the Software development life cycle, surpassing Q/A testing appears to be an ideal way out. But this is no way is a smart move.

Apart from questions on the integrity and credibility of the software developed, fixing a bug long after the product has been released incurs tremendous overheads. You need to spend more, you need to redesign again and of course, it begs question of customer trust. As a matter of fact, bugs are 30 times more expensive to fix post-release as compared to early phase evaluation. Integrating frequent and early software testing mechanisms not only assures better product quality but serves beneficial in terms of creating user trust and brand loyalty.

Developers as Testers? 

No, no! 

Using your developers as long-standing testers might sound a good idea but that’s a big no. How can you expect someone to find flaws in their own design? The developers have themselves developed the product and according to them, that piece is the best solution and of course without breaks or glitches. Even if you ask them to perform some kind of testing, they would always come clean stating the product is final. 

A developer can never test like a tester or for that matter, a user. He/she will always have a fixed mindset and fail to go beyond the limits to test the application. Given the above, it is obligatory that you hire separate team testers who are aware of the role and can stretch beyond bounds to test the credibility of the application, just like random users. A tester has a different skill set and it is best for him to do the job.

Hire A Tester? In-house or Outsource? 

Having a team of testers is no doubt the best way to be sure of the quality of the developed product but even after you have come up to the conclusion of hiring a tester, the next question that you need to deal with is whether you employ an in-house team or simply outsource the project. 

Acknowledging the fact that being a startup you are yet to explore and does not have many resources to map the cost of in-house hiring, outsourcing is an ideal way. 

Not only does that provide you with quality service but also cuts down on the added cost of hiring. Outsourcing agencies own specific skills required for testing, they cost less and further go beyond the desired features to test the software quality. 

If you too are a startup and looking for a QA team to outsource your project, we are here happy to help. Testscenario is one of the fastest-growing firms that help you with software testing and quality assurance so as to assure that the final product is as per the industrial norms. We have a team of dedicated testers who not only perform different software tests but also care to know about the system as a whole and then test it as required. By hiring us, you would cut down costs, enhance the quality and also boost the time to market. So, let us take care of the quality while you focus on the development process.

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