7 Tips For Choosing The Right Mobile App Testing Company!

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7 Tips For Choosing The Right Mobile App Testing Company!

This is the time of mobile apps. App stores have been flooded with millions of them and if you think that your original idea is the key to winning in this situation, good luck.

Thousands of app deployments are happening on a daily basis but the ones which make it are a small fraction of them.

That’s just the business aspect of it. If it’s an enterprise mobile app, millions of dollars are at stake, and deployment without proper testing would result in chaos rather than anything good.

So in this situation, you need expert assurance and quality-oriented development to ensure smooth deployment and a quality product in hand.

And in terms of commercial apps UX, quality, and security need to be given utmost prominence to ensure the upper hand in the highly competitive market.

In this peculiar situation making developers test their creations would be a wrong move as most of them would be biased.

So it’s better to rely on someone who has done this many times and has a good track record. The right app testing company can not only give assurance but also incorporate QA into your development pipeline through automation.

But the question is how to choose the right mobile app testing company? Here are some tips

1) Communication, the most cardinal factor

One in every three projects fails due to a lack of communication. Communication is thus an important aspect of project success.

Often offshore software testing companies get the blame owing to poor communication between developers and testers who might be located in different corners of the world.

Another one is ego! often developers think that issues reported by testers are out of ignorance, especially in the case of issues/bugs that are hard to reproduce.

Be it ego or poor communication, both result in the extended time frame of software production. So the best thing to do here before hiring an app testing company is to look for good communication traits from the very beginning.

If the testing company is able to put forward realistic aspects of testing the software and is receptive to the developer’s ideas in testing the software half of the issue will be solved.

From the very beginning have a look at the company values and ensure that it’s aligned with yours most importantly, make sure that the company is treating their employees well as a light atmosphere is a key factor in easy communication.

Ensure that the test lead who is listening to your project is able to understand the complexities of the project and is able to explain it well to the testers. Also, make sure that the testers and developers are able to converse and express themselves with each other well.

Collaborative tools play a huge role in streamlining communication. Make sure that the testing company has tools like JIRA, Rally, etc. in practice and it’s fitting well in your development pipeline.

2) Confidentiality

The details about the app that you have developed after years of hard work and huge investment have to be kept confidential owing to business as well as security reasons.

However, when you are relying on an offshore company for testing purposes you have to ensure that the company is able to keep every detail of your app in utmost secrecy.

Before signing the contract, have a look at the law of the land where the company is located. If it’s a land with minimal copyright infringement/information protection laws it’s better to avoid.

Make sure that the NDA document you are signing with the company contains all the necessary details and ensure that they are acknowledging it well

Asking the company about its security policy is also a good thing to do. Once you gain the information, do research and make sure that it’s sufficient.

3) Technical resources

Apart from employee skills, a good app testing company should have ample technical resources to aid them in testing.

Be it a third party or a custom framework, measure its effectiveness by evaluating the portfolio of the company and it might give you an understanding of what they have in their quiver.

There should be proper practices in place to ensure the effectiveness of the testing. Ask them to set up the framework beforehand and evaluate it so that you will know if it’s enough for your requirement

Besides, the framework ensures that the team has the best tool to aid them in testing and it has been integrated well into your CI/CD pipeline in a way that it’s not interfering with your SDLC process.

A good testing company will have a nice collection of real devices to test your app rather than completely relying on simulators and emulators. Check the devices they use and the OS versions they have. Owing to the rapid update happening with OSs it’s better to check your app is tested in 5 older versions for better compatibility.

4) Transparency is the best policy

Transparency is something that’s been overused in the IT industry and you simply can’t evaluate it just like that. In many projects, shady practices of the offshore companies only get revealed after going deep into the project. So evaluation of company transparency is very important.

But how to evaluate transparency?

Asking them directly for proof is the one and only way!

Once the project commences it might be too late to evaluate the transparency of the company. If the company is trying to lure you in with transparency by showcasing data, ask them for proof.

When it comes to pricing make sure that the company has listed out complete pricing details before commencing the project and even if there are any price changes later on cost change it should be substantiated with ample reasons.

Do video calls and ask them for a quick tour and conversations with people who are going to associate with your project and if possible a personal visit to ensure that the company is a legit one.

When it comes to the service-level agreement (SLA), ensure that it contains a testing time frame, communication methods, and patterns, project summary, milestone description, etc.

5) Domain knowledge

The software testing company that you have decided to choose for your product might have talented testers and cutting-edge tools to carry out app testing.

However, domain knowledge is something that will ensure smooth testing as they will be able to carry out risk-based testing in the short span.

Interview the testers and know how much they are accustomed to the particular industry and how well they are able to understand the technicalities of your product.

6) Investigate in detail

Relying on a company that has only minimal trails online is a very risky process. Investigate as much as possible regarding their online presence, especially on social media.

Read the reviews about the company carefully and ensure that positive reviews are not forced ones and negative reviews are baseless.

A good testing company will have a detailed website as well as good content in it to speak to its audience moreover, a lively social media page is also an indication of its legitimacy.

Evaluating the company’s attitude towards employees and knowing about how they deal with projects can be easily traced out through glassdoor and other job portals where former employees post their experiences. You will get a pretty good idea about how they do things from here.

7) Better pricing

Price should never be the first concern in choosing an app testing company. Nevertheless, if their services are exorbitantly priced, it’s better to avoid them.

However, sometimes the services they offer might be slightly pricy than others. But in this situation ask them about the difference and make sure that they are able to justify it.

Final note…

Hope you are satisfied with our Tips for choosing the right mobile app testing company blog.

The ultimate idea here is to make you understand the process that needs to be followed before blindly relying on an app testing company.

At Testscenario, we at first clearly go through client requirements and come back with a proposal that will have all the necessary details that are needed to assure transparency from the very first. For a deep dive into how we ensure the quality and efficiency of your mobile application through our testing services, explore our Mobile Application Testing Services for detailed insights and expertise that can elevate your project.

We have all the practices and resources that are required to carry out the testing process with easy and within the prescribed time frame. Let’s talk about your project and we will make sure that you get the best of everything.

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