Best Automation Software Testing Tools

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Best Automation Software Testing Tools

The success of any mobile or web application depends on how it is being tested. Automation testing is one of the most used and effective techniques of testing softwares. It is a way to test applications by carrying out the execution of various test scenarios automatically and generating test results without any intervention from humans.

Among various automation testing tools, we have handpicked 18 tools that dominate the application automation testing market. These tools help you build stellar applications that dominate the market.

List of 18 Automation Testing Tools

1) Selenium

Selenium is one of the most prominent web application testing tools that can work with multiple operating systems and browsers. It is a portable and open-source framework.

1 Selenium


  • Selenium supports parallel test execution that helps in reducing time and increasing efficiency.
  • It supports scriptwriting in multiple languages like PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, Python, and Java.
  • It can be integrated with frameworks like TestNG for testing applications and generating reports.
  • The web driver does not require the installation of a server and interacting test scripts with the browsers directly.
  • It requires fewer resources compared to other automation testing tools.

2) Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a tool that helps to test desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps, and APIs. It is a versatile framework that works perfectly fine with multiple operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows.

2 Katalon Studio


  • The latest version of Katalon supports automation testing for the user interface on Windows 10.
  • It supports test artifacts sharing, which helps improve collaboration and expand the test project management capabilities.
  • It allows testers to share their private plugins with other team members without having them published on the Katalon Store.
  • It allows sending requests using SSL client certificates enabling testers to bypass continuous testing and certificate validation.

3) Worksoft Certify

Worksoft is an industry-leading continuous testing tool that helps execute complex enterprise apps. It is a standard tool that offers unparallel support for cloud and web applications.

3 Worksoft Certify


  • It is a code-free solution that ensures the seamless working of mission-critical enterprise applications.
  • It can test end-to-end complex business processes for blended and packaged business app landscapes.
  • Worksoft is capable of standalone automated documentation and discovery.
  • It supports integration with other DevOps toolchains, ALM systems, and testing tools.
  • It has high-level object recognition capabilities for SAP’s Fiori and supports the rapid release of application updates.
  • It helps reduce maintenance costs by up to 80%.

4) Cucumber

Cucumber is a freemium tool developed based on the concept of Behavior-driven development or BDD. It is used mainly for automated acceptance testing. It comes in three different versions, Cucumber Open, CucumberStudio, and Cucumber School.

4 Cucumber


  • It bridges the gap between non-engineers and engineers by allowing them to collaborate on executable specifications.
  • The BDD testing helps in increasing the speed of the flow and feedback by encouraging rapid collaboration among team members.
  • It supports live documentation, which keeps all the team members aligned by identifying how the software will work.
  • It is powered by the Gherkin editor and Git integration.

5) TestComplete

TestComplete is one of the leading automation testing software that can be used to test mobile, desktop, and web apps. It comes with a record and replay feature that helps developers develop and run functional user interface tests.

5 TestComplete


  • It supports parallel test execution of all three types of applications across multiple virtual and physical machines using TestExecute.
  • It supports cross-device and cross-browser tests, which helps to easily record automated GUI tests and execute them on real devices.
  • TestComplete can be easily integrated into the DevOps ecosystem, which will help accelerate continuous testing.
  • It supports testing some of the most complex and dynamic on-screen app components.

6) Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is one of the most widely used automation testing tools with more than 4000 firms actively using it. The tool supports desktop, mobile, and web application testing.

6 Ranorex Studio 1



  • It offers authentic object identification and a shareable object repository.
  • It helps reduce test maintenance by reusable programming modules.
  • Its simple click-and-go interface requires almost zero programming and is one of the ideal tools for beginners.
  • It supports cross-platform and cross-browser testing.
  • The tool can be easily integrated with Jenkins, Travis CI, TestRail, Jira, Git, and more.
  • It has a built-in Selenium WebDriver that helps to test in parallel or dispense on a Selenium Grid.

7) Perfecto

Perfecto offers a test automation solution for mobile devices and cross browsers. It has the capability to be integrated with several other automation testing frameworks. Perfecto operates on a freemium model.

7 Perfecto


  • Perfecto supports codeless automation testing where machine learning and AI algorithms can auto-correct the code.
  • It can run multiple tests at the same time on any environment or platform.
  • It supports cloud-based and codeless automation testing.
  • Perfecto can help testers with faster setup and more frequent test releases.
  • It has one of the simplest user interfaces.
  • It has advanced editing and debugging capabilities that help in quickly identifying and debugging any defects in automated tests.

8) LambdaTest

LambdaTest is one of the leading automation testing tools used for testing web and desktop apps. It supports both automated and manual cross-browser testing on over 2000 mobile and desktop browsers simultaneously.

8 LambdaTest


  • The platform allows getting instant access to multiple browsers and operating systems at the same time.
  • It allows performing automated browser tests on a secure, reliable, and scalable online Selenium grid.
  • LambdaTest can help deploy quality builds by analyzing and executing Cypress test scripts online.
  • Its highly-scalable cloud infrastructure offers faster test execution.
  • It helps to build a high-performing firewall by leveraging the LambdaTest cloud infrastructure.

9) Postman

Postman is an API automation testing tool used for testing web services. The tool allows to receive and send requests from a service. The requests are created based on the specification of an API.

9 Postman


  • Postman has one of the most user-friendly interfaces among all automation testing tools.
  • It allows automating test cases in JavaScript with features like writing test suites, passing on data among the requests, etc.
  • It operates on a freemium model where the paid version offers some of the most advanced features at affordable rates.
  • It allows the creation of a certain set of integration tests.

10) SoapUI

SoapUI is an open-source API automation testing tool used by a majority of the testers for testing HTTP-based or RESTful web services. SoapUI can execute tests from end to end on JDBC, JMS, and other web services.

10 SoapUI


  • SoapUI’s user interface is quite comfortable for new testers. The tool also easily works with Microsoft suites.
  • It is also highly reliable for functional testing because of its drag-and-drop features.
  • It allows a tester to watch the step-by-step execution of tests.
  • SoapUI can help save a web application from potential cyber threats and viral software applications.
  • It allows the creation of detailed vulnerability test reports using SoapUI Pro.

11) Appium

Appium automation testing framework is widely used for testing mobile applications. It is an open-source tool that supports code reusability among the two most popular mobile OS: iOS and Android.

11 Appium


  • It is very easy to install, set up, and learn from scratch.
  • Appium is a highly-stable tool compared to its contemporaries.
  • It is possible to execute multiple test scripts at the same time using Appium.
  • Due to its popularity, it has one of the most massive and active communities.
  • There is no barrier regarding the use of programming languages in Appium because it supports multiple languages and frameworks.

12) Eggplant

Eggplant is an automation testing tool by Keysight that specializes in GUI or Graphical User Interfacing. Eggplant operates on a two-system model, which includes a controller machine and the system under test.

12 Eggplant



  • It also supports some older operating systems like Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone OS, etc.
  • It supports accelerated Salesforce deployments by enhancing its quality and delivery.
  • It helps to resolve issues quickly and deploy scalable performance testing for ensuring the best digital performance.
  • The Artificial Intelligence digital twin helps with testing across every device from a user perspective.
  • It helps reduce human/manual errors by automating a majority of repetitive tasks.

13) BrowserStack

BrowserStack is a widely used cloud-based software automation testing framework. It boasts over 15 data centers across the globe, which helps it carry out over a million tests every single day.

13 BrowserStack




  • The tool is capable of testing mobile and web apps across multiple browsers and over 3100 real devices.
  • It provides support for testing Android and iOS native apps as well as hybrid apps.
  • It can execute more than one test scenario at the same time.
  • The tool also helps in checking out test scripts.
  • It offers three products for website testing and two products for mobile testing.

14) App Center

App Center is an application distribution automation testing tool built by Microsoft. The tool is available for free as well as paid version. Visual Studio App Center is a perfect application for the continuous monitoring of applications for every platform.

14 App Center



  • App Center has the ability to collect real-time diagnostics, prioritize, and fix urgent issues.
  • It helps to ship enhancements and patch codes as fast as they build is released.
  • It helps to easily set up Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Github, and many more.
  • App Center can help automate the build, test, and release pipeline by customizing the team’s workflow.

15) Jenkins

Jenkins is a tool that assists automation testing tools with continuous integration or CI and continuous deployment or CD. It helps with the seamless testing development and deployment of newly written code.

15 Jenkins


  • It offers a high level of customizability by providing thousands of plug-ins to developers and testers.
  • Jenkins is compatible with almost all the operating systems currently available in the market which makes it easier to set up.
  • It supports all the major cloud-based platforms like IBM Cloud, Google, Azure, and AWS.
  • Jenkins has a strong and enthusiastic community of testers and developers that often holds meetings both online as well as in person.

16) CircleCI

CircleCI is a continuous integration platform that runs close to a million jobs every day with the support of around 30,000 firms. Companies choose CircleCI because of its ability to optimize builds for a quicker release.

16 CircleCI


  • It has the ability to cancel any running or queued builds on GitHub.
  • It has a feature of PR-only build which allows running builds only when the pull request is open.
  • It can balance and split the tests across multiple containers automatically which helps reduce the overall build time.
  • CircleCI prohibits non-admins from changing some crucial project settings.

17) Jira

Jira is an ultimate project management tool specially designed to manage agile teams. It is used to communicate and track various activities, stories, bugs, and tasks performed by developers, designers, and testers.

17 Jira


  • Jira offers customizable scrum boards which help agile teams to stay focused while delivering builds.
  • It offers Kanban boards that help identify what’s next in the pipeline of tasks which boosts the productivity of the team members.
  • It helps to create roadmaps by sketching out the plan and communicating it with all the team members.
  • The tool provides access to create multiple types of reports for actionable insights.

18) JMeter

JMeter is an open-source tool by Apache primarily designed for performance testing and load testing. It focuses mainly on web applications and can be used for functional testing and unit testing too.

18 JMeter


  • It is capable of working with both server-based and local instances by installing Java on the host.
  • JMeter is easy to use. Because of its open-source nature, modifying and creating new plug-ins is simple.
  • It allows executing test cases in the command line itself, which enables complete integration into CI tools.
  • The tool has the capability of recording custom scripts and the order of visited pages.


All the aforementioned Automation testing tools have their own unique capabilities and benefits. It can be quite intimidating and frustrating to choose the right tool for your application development. Taking help from the right automation testing company can help you streamline your development and testing process.

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