What’s the Difference between Chrome and Chromium?

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What’s the Difference between Chrome and Chromium?

Chrome without a doubt has the major share when it comes to the most used browser around the world. But, have you ever heard about chromium, an open-source browser? What do you think is the difference between chromium and chrome?

Chromium is similar to chrome and above all both are developed by Google. But chromium has a lot of difference when compared with chrome.

Do you think these differences give chromium an upper hand over other browsers?

If you wish to know,

Let’s dig deep into the difference between both browsers.

About Chrome

  • Chrome does not need an introduction, it’s fast, it’s reliable, and runs smoothly if your PC/laptop/mobile/tablet is in the prescribed configuration.
  • The browser was assembled by Google after combining 25 code libraries altogether
  • Initially, they used the WebKit engine to display images, and later they developed one on their own named Blink using core components of WebKit.
  • Chrome is internally testing using testing methods such as unit testing, test automation ( for scripted user actions), fuzz testing, and layout testing.
  • Steve Rura is the designer for the logo of chrome

Features of Chrome

  • An in-built task manager for open tabs that can be used to end pages that are not responding. Also, you will get to see the memory allocation for each website opened in the browser
  • Once you open the browser history, you get a search option to access the pages that you have opened long ago
  • Automatic detection website when you enter a few words in the address bar is another quirky feature
  • If you have closed the entire chrome session accidentally, you will be prompted to restore it once you reopen the browser
  • Backed up by a bazillion extensions that can be added to the toolbar of the browser
  • An incognito mode that’s helpful in accessing websites without leaving any trace behind nor getting tracked
  • You can cast video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV, Disney, etc. to your smart TV. You can also beam your PC to TV using in-built casting functionality.
  • Imagine that you have opened 20+ tabs and you wish to pause the music that’s been playing in the background in one of the tabs. Chrome has nifty features in the form of a music icon on the toolbar that can be used to pause the playback. And also you can bring out the media in an outside mini media player and view it on the tab that you are currently using
  • Chrome’s address bar also serves as a google search box. They call their address bar Omnibox because of its diverse functionality. You can also add your desired search into their address box.
  • If you wish to do a search on certain words, phrases, or even a sentence you can just select the desired section and do a google search on it.
  • If you have opened numerous tabs, a feature in Chrome lets you group the tabs for better accessibility.
  • We have mentioned about ‘restore’ option if you accidentally closed the session. However, there is also another feature in chrome that lets you open the closed tab as well
  • The security of chrome is very strong. The password stored in the chrome is encrypted and even suggests you strong password and better cookie management.
  • Instead of accessing your sluggish in-built image viewer of your OS, you can use chrome as an image viewer

Chrome Extensions that are useful in software testing

  • Bird Eats Bug – This is a bug reporting tool that can be used to record screen and provide data when the tester wish to. The easiest part about the tools is that Operating the tool does not require code knowledge. Linear, Slack, Jira, Github, and Trello integration makes sharing reports easier with others
  • Window Resizer – An emulator that can resize windows to any resolution upon request
  • Wave evaluation tool: The usability of the websites can be easily found by the tool. The tool injects icons and indicators into your page
  • ColorZilla: Used specifically to match color with the actual design of the website. The tool can find out disparities ( in terms of color) in actual design with that of implemented one
  • Clear Cache: Helps you delete stored data without any hassle. Data such as Passwords, Local Storage, Form Data, History, Indexed DB, Downloads, Cookies, Cache, App Cache, File Systems, Plugin Data, and WebSQL. Cookies can be easily cleared to see the changes done once you reload the page.
  • Awesome Screenshot: You can take a screenshot, record the camera add annotation, etc. easily using this tool.
  • Screencastify: with the tool, you can easily create and share a video within a few seconds. You choose between recording a single tab, multiple tabs, the entire browsing session, or even the webcam. What makes the tool unique is that you can highlight or mark any section of the video using the inbuilt marking/highlighting tool. You can also edit the captured video with the in built editing tool.
  • Ghost Inspector: A great help in automating browser tests. Features of the extension include codeless test automation, recorder, codeless test editor, test scheduling, various alerts and integrations, API, visual testing, etc.

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Chromium is an open-source browser that can be used to build another browser. Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, Opera, etc. are built on chromium.

Chromium is not just the name of the browser. It’s a project that generates source code used by chrome

Features of Chromium

  • Chromium has the access to all the extensions used in chrome
  • Only the best developers get access to alter the code of chromium. That means developers with Google approval can only work on chromium code
  • Chromium has a powerful and consistent Google backend
  • Has a powerful developer console
  • Chromium allows javascript
  • It contains almost all the features of chrome.
  • Keys for some of the API services of Google such as browser-sync

Difference between Chromium and Chrome

Chromium Chrome
No new updates and features Be its new features, security updates, and code updates, chrome offers steady updates on a regular basis
Source code of chromium can be downloaded from the official website. Instructions about how to compile the code are also available on the source website Offers executable binaries that can be used by any platforms
Chromium is very lightweight Chrome is a customized version of chromium
Chromium does not collect browser data Chromium tracks all the data
Chromium does not have the facility to analyze usage and crash report Crash report and usage will be analyzed by chrome for offering better performance
Blue logo Colorful logo
Codecs available for AV1, VP9 video codecs VP8, Opus, Theora, MP3, FLAC, Vorbis, and WAV Codecs available for AV1, H.264, VP8, VP9 video codecs, MP3, AAC, Vorbis, Theora, Opus, FLAC, and WAV
Code can be modified by those who have availed the source code Modification is done by Google developers
Depends on those who have availed the source code Sandbox available and it’s always on
Profile and cache kept in ~/.config/chromium, ~/.cache/chromium Profile and cache kept in ~/.config/google-chrome, ~/.cache/google-chrome
Testing of the new releases is solely based on distribution Tested constantly by Google
Users have to download the patched and update the browser by themselves Security updates are regular and given by Google
PDF can only be after the installation of a plugin Inbuilt PDF reader

Which one wins in Google chrome vs Chromium?

Chromium is more famous among Linux users. If you are someone who does not wish to be tracked by Google or are a supporter of the open-source world, Chromium is the right option for you.

Chrome is supreme in this case, because of better flash support, and better performance. You might be wondering why performance should come into the picture as both are similar mostly. If you compare both the browsers with a benchmarking tool you will get to know that chrome performs better than chromium.

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