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We offer a unique work experience that helps our employees to grow and develop their skills.

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Be a part of a talented team by keeping your opinion or thoughts to make a difference in the organization.

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We offer a supportive and collaborative work environment that fosters growth and learning. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we invest in their success.


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Seeking Automation Engineer with at least 2 to 4 years of automation expertise in Web and Mobile utilizing Selenium and Appium or Should be well-versed in OOPS concepts and have extensive project management experience.

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Looking for BDE professionals with a minimum of 2 year of experience in the IT industry, as well as exposure to generating leads, email marketing, maintaining client relationships, and bringing IT projects from India or the global market.

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We offer a variety of perks to help our employees make the most of their time at work.
Flexible hours

Flexible Work Hours

We provide flexible work hours to maintain a work-life balance to choose and start their work accordingly & also every Saturday & Sunday as week offs. We believe that Work-life balance requires a flexible schedule.

Unlimited PTO

Partial Day-Off

We are pleased to offer our employees a paid day off to spend time with their families. We feel that a day off is essential because it allows us to return to work with a new perspective and renewed energy.


Remote Work

We give remote work facilities to our valuable employees in case of a medical emergency or personnel work. That saves employees time and helps them to precisely focus on increasing the company's profitability.

Medical insurance

Performance Bonus

We recognize and respect the hard work of our employees by providing performance bonuses; this encourages employees to be more dedicated to their work, which in turn makes our employers happy.

Parental Leave

Training & Development

Our employees undergo training. That helps employees' growth and development. Every employee receives training to gain knowledge. The organization has an open-door policy so employees may share ideas.

Paid Vacations

Employee Events

To boost morale and cultivate a positive environment at work, we often organize social events such as team-building activities, happy hours, outdoor trips, fun Fridays, festival celebrations, and holiday parties.

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