How to Test E-Commerce Websites and Applications Like Flipkart

The e-commerce business is increasing at a rapid pace especially since Covid. So it is very important to test e-commerce websites and applications such as Amazon and Flipkart. Regressive testing of e-commerce applications is vital to make your app more robust and secure. Effective manual and automation test strategies should be designed to test eCommerce

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Easy Ways to Boost Your Mobile App Testing Skills

The number of mobile applications being developed and used by all of us is increasing day-by-day. This means that as a tester there are a plethora of opportunities in the field of mobile app testing. The next big question is how you can make the most of these opportunities? The answer is simple. Start learning

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Learn what are the Mobile app testing challenges faced by mobile app testers

11 Top Mobile App Testing Challenges

Mobiles have indeed become the lifelines of the current generation. According to Statista 6.3 billion people globally use mobile phones.” With such a large segment of people leveraging the capabilities of mobile phones for day-to-day needs, it has become a necessity for businesses to offer their services and make them compatible with mobile phones. Launching

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